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February 2020

Anne Jones

Anne Jones
Windy Hill Middle School

Calvert County Public Schools

Anne has been working as a school librarian for 15 years.

I see the library as very valuable "real estate" in my school (largest space behind the cafeteria & gym), therefore, I want to make sure it is being utilized as much as possible! I invite ELA, social studies and science classes in regularly with a primary focus on connecting students with books they’ll enjoy, great sources and tools for research, and the ever changing world of information literacy such as "fake" news, reliable sources and how to be a discerning consumer of information. I am the Green School coordinator and I can’t wait to incorporate this topic into lessons! I have the BEST job in the school!

Our school is busting at the seams with 800+ students. We have a diverse socioeconomic population. While of course every student is unique, we have a pretty typical middle school community. We are a 1 to 1 school for a second year which has been awesome! Our staff provides so much extra with clubs and programs to support all students to help them be the best they can be!

One of my favorite lessons is around the First Amendment using materials from The Newseum. So many great conversations come up around the press and freedoms we have. In our current climate, I think it's so important for students to learn, understand, discuss and reflect on the rights we have vs. what others around the world have or don't have. And to fully understand the role of the press and the value of having this freedom. And I love to get kids excited about books and authors!

This year my goals are to implement the Black Eyed Susan program, incorporate more blended learning (thanks to the MASL Conference break out session on the topic) and redesign the library space including new furniture, shelving and carpet with a 3 year plan!

To hear more about Anne and her library programming ideas please reach out to her at [email protected] or Twitter at [email protected] 

January 2020

Laruen Magnuson

Lauren Magnuson
Kenwood High School
Baltimore County Public Schools

Lauren has been working as a school librarian for 13 years and at Kenwood High School for the past 7 years.

I've been at KHS for 7 years and have implemented a strong instructional and literacy program, including SSR. I have curated a collection that supports the social issues assessments embedded in all levels of our English curriculum and co-teach the grade 9 Service Learning PBA. I am supporting the Personal Project for our 10th graders as we seek IB Middle Years Program certification and have attended several PDs for IB Librarians. For the last 4 years, I have facilitated lessons with all 9th graders and our public librarians who come to the school. I provide PD for our district librarians.

Our school library community is very diverse racially, ethnically, and social economically. We support learners and readers of all levels academically, socially, and emotionally through a diverse collection, comfortable student hang out and learning spaces, and a spirit of kindness and respect.

My 3 year collaboration with grade 9 English teachers developing and co-teaching the research project and action plans on a social issue which earns the students service learning hours is one of the strongest projects in my instructional program. Over the years we have designed a variety of different final products, ways to choose topics such as an image gallery walk directly connected to database topics or choosing a topic embedded in a novel or non-fiction narrative that students read prior to doing their research. Some of my mini-lessons include paraphrasing, using NoodleTools, evaluating charities, and using PowerPoint to create infographics.

Since we are now 1:1 with devices, I am working on developing, presenting, and providing 24/7 accessible and in-person PD for all teachers (NoodleTools, databases, designing research projects, etc.) as they are doing research embedded in curriculum in their classrooms.I am promoting a standard way of having students do research throughout the school. 

 To hear more about Lauren and her library programming ideas please reach out to her at [email protected]