Certificate of Appreciate Past Recipients

The Certificate of Appreciation may be awarded to any person who has performed outstanding service for the organization.  Persons receiving certificates of appreciation need not always be members of the Maryland Association of School Librarians/Maryland Educational Media Organization.

2001 Lane Harvey Brown
2000 Barbara Farrell
1996 Barbara Smith
1996 Barbara Reeves
1996 A. Brian Helm
1995 Louis S. Goldstein
1994 Gail Bailey
1994 Donnadine Bell
1994 Thea Jones
1994 Maurice Travillian
1994 Marian Cappozzi Drach
1993 Lois Heinrich
1992 Jean Flohr
1990 Rosa Presbery
1988 Paula Montgomery
1988 James Liesener
1987 Labertha Gipson
1987 Jane L. Hardy
1986 Edward Boyer
1986 Edward Barth