Rising to the challenge is something that School Librarians do, it's who you are.  School year 2020-2021 has given an opportunity for you to rise to the challenge of School Librarianship, and we want to celebrate all that you have accomplished. Maryland School Librarians shifted instruction and what the role of a School Librarian looks like in a way that was entirely unprecedented.  Every School Librarian went from working in a School Library to reinventing what the School Library looks like in a virtual or a hybrid world.  So, in light of this amazing feat of reinventing the role of the School Librarian, MASL wants to celebrate all of the School Librarians who demonstrate qualities of School Librarian of the Year!

You must be a member of MASL to be considered for School Librarian of the Year, please be ready to provide a headshot, brief bio (including school, district, years of Librarianship, grade levels taught, education), one or two examples of successes you have had this year. Successes can be submitted in any format (text, photo, video, a combination, something else entirely) and should highlight specific moments, programs, and/or innovations.  Each submission should be approximately 100 words or 2 minutes.

Nominees and their stories will be featured in the newsletter and on the website. Special recognition will be awarded for librarians who clearly demonstrate the Shared Foundations, Domains, and Roles of a School Librarian as outlined in the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries.

Deadline for submission is May 15, 2021. 

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